IBM Informix users build a Smarter Planet everyday – an amazing Video

Dear Friends,

This is my first Blog and I am really excited to talk about IBM Informix and an amazing video I saw recently about how critical Informix is, in building a Smarter Planet.

IBM Informix is voted #1 in customer satisfaction and chosen by clients because of its reliability, low cost, its ability to be completely hassle free and best-of-breed embeddability. And last but not least, what strikes me most about Informix is the amount of undivided Love and Dedication each Informix user has for the product, in one word – its Unbelievable.

Keeping in mind the immense capabilities of Informix, it is not a surprise that over the last decade, innovations have pushed Informix technology beyond its competitors, and IBM continues to provide solutions that deliver real business results.

Some of those recent innovations include:

  • IBM Informix TimeSeries it easy to store and work with data that is accessed by sequence in time
  • IBM Informix Genero is accelerating a new generation of mobile and cloud based applications and
  • IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition helps speed decisions by accelerating warehouse queries

Now coming to the video I saw recently, titled IBM Informix users build a Smarter Planet every day, is a testimony to the superior and versatile capabilities of Informix. The video clearly narrates how IBM Informix users build a smarter planet everyday by pushing the boundaries of data management.

There are some references drawn in this video highlighting how IBM Informix is playing a critical role in building a Smarter Planet :

  • Cable and wireless world-wide and IBM are using an Informix TimeSeries solution at the core of the ground breaking UK Smart energy cloud
  • DHL Express Mexico is using Informix software to give customers deep insights into shipments and help increase efficiencies
  • Bank of China is using it to make more timely and accurate decisions while including compliance

This video is truly inspiring, and to know that IBM Informix is playing a crucial role in the making of a Smarter Planet is even more relishing. To see the complete video and get Inspired, please visit the Link –

You could also ‘Like’ IBM Informix facebook page – , follow us on Twitter @IBM_Informix and stay updated on all the latest about Informix and how Informix is contributing to making a Smarter Planet.

Until Next Time,                                                                                                                Louis


6 thoughts on “IBM Informix users build a Smarter Planet everyday – an amazing Video

  1. Louis,
    Congratulations on launching your blog! This is a great start, too, with a very interesting video and your thoughts about the key points of it. It’s clear you have a strong appreciation for Informix, and I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us.

    I am glad you pointed out the Facebook and Twitter links for your readers. I have been following those for awhile now, and I find them informative.

    Good luck with your blog!

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