An exciting event : Informix India Annual User Group Meet 2012 – Mumbai (India)

Informix India Annual User Group Meet was held in Mumbai (India) on the 16th of February 2012. It was a great one day event, and a really motivating sight to see almost 60 Informix enthusiasts in one room. There was never a dull moment during the course of the day and the User group was very excited about attending to the event. The event had substantial representation from the IBM side, which includes executives like Jerry Keesee (Director – Informix), Bernard Spang (Director – Marketing), Rajesh Nair (Product Manager – IBM Informix), Rachael Rusting ( Director – IBM) and from the IIUG we had the privilege of having the IIUG president himself – Stuart Litel.

This was a forum for IBM to reinforce to the user group about how important Informix is to IBM and what they could look forward to with Informix in the future. The response from the event was very positive and the user group is certainly looking forward to the next meet.

This event also was a platform to identify volunteers in India who could steer IIUG chapter locally. We have got 2 nominations for this spot and we will be working closely with them to set the next steps  from here.

Please do have a look at the photographs shot during the event here

Thanks for all your support in making this event happen!

Until next time,




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