IBM Informix goes to the University; Learned by over 4K students and still counting

Meet Dr. Mirta Baranovic, Head of Applied Computing Department, School of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

What is the connection between Dr. Mirta Baranovic and Informix?

Dr. Mirta Baranovic started developing a passion for Informix in the early eighties, bringing Informix to the University of Zagreb and using it as the basis of her database courses. In fact, more than 4,000 database students have taken her classes over the years.

When asked “why Informix?” her reply is simple – “love at first sight”. She gives a lot of credit to the architecture of Informix which is in her words ‘brilliant and modern’. From an academic’s point of view, there is another compelling reason for liking Informix, the fact that the concepts in Informix are clear and simple, and a student can easily grab those concepts. And thanks to the way Informix is built, it requires little or no effort to run.

In addition to these reasons, a key strategic relationship with an Informix business partner in the region further strengthened this relationship. It is a fact that, although students had the option of using the other products, Informix has been and continues to be a popular choice.

It’s indeed a pleasure to know how Informix is playing an important role in shaping up the career of thousands of students across Croatia.

The unmatchable features of Informix that came up in my conversation with Dr. Mirta Baranovic, include:

  • Reliability
  • Quality of architecture
  • Clarity of concepts

All these qualities add up to make Informix a preferable choice for Dr. Mirta Baranovic.

This is a rare testimony for Informix, where Informix is making a difference in teaching many generations of students, the fundamental database concepts. I am not sure how many other products can make such claims.

I sincerely thank Dr. Mirta Baranovic for giving me the opportunity to learn about her work, and Stuart Litel for introducing me to Dr. Mirta.

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Photograph of Dr. Mirta Baranovic



Smarter Planet now has a smarter energy solution

With the ever Increasing ‘demand’ and shortage of’ Supply’, the key is not just in being efficient, but ‘Smart’. And this couldn’t be more apt for the utility companies which are traditionally found to be struggling with a variety of issues: Be it in transforming the grid, Improving generation and performance, Complying with government regulations, optimizing resource consumption or producing clean energy. However, there is one critical device that has the capability to make a positive impact across the value chain of the utility company – it’s Smart Meter.

And an efficient Smart Meter solution can turn around a utility company’s traditional ways of collecting and using data. It has the capability to collect data in an interval of as low as 5 minutes for smarter data management resulting in:

  • Better communication between the meter and the enterprise systems:
  • Load forecasting
  • Outage management
  • Optimize energy purchases
  • Resolve service issues
  • Improve power reliability
  • Help customers reduce consumption and cut costs

Millions of smart meters and billions of readings; what are the challenges?

  • Reduction in load time

The time series data generated by millions of smart meters have to be loaded just as quickly it is produced. Hence it is imperative for the utility companies to have a data management solution that will reduce the load time considerably.

  • Storing the data 

The billions of readings collected have to be stored and queried efficiently. The stored data could be used for analysis or to comply with government regulations which requires utility companies to provide access to historical data, analyze data for improving efficiency or reducing energy use.

  • Inefficient IT hardware planning

With the exponential rise in data, companies may tend to add additional IT hardware infrastructure to meet the requirements. This will have a direct impact on the overall IT budget in a big way, and will amplify the risks associated by creating inefficiency without having sufficient data protection strategies.

  • Having an inappropriate data management solution

Today’s solutions use data management techniques to handle time series data, and this will not be a viable option for tomorrow. The velocity of data produced by the millions smart meters will only rise exorbitantly and it will be sensible to have a solution that has the native capability to handle Time series, not just for today but for years to come.

Why should Utility companies look at IBM Informix?

IBM Informix TimeSeries software is a robust and scalable relational data base management solution which has the proven native capability to handle the challenges of specialized time series data. It basically consists of a high speed loader designed especially for the enormous demands of time series data, rapidly loading data as it is produced. Coupled with this feature, Informix also has the innovative storage approach, whereby the storage requirements are significantly reduced.

Let me take a moment here to guide you to some useful links which will complete my take on this topic :

  • Here is the latest IBM Informix Benchmark study, which demonstrates Informix’s Unprecedented Performance & Scalability for Meter Data Management. Read the results showing Ten Million Meters Scalable to One Hundred Million Meters for Five Billion Daily Meter Readings

I hope that you will find these links useful.

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The next decade of Informix at IBM has already begun!

IBM Informix celebrated a decade at IBM on the 1st of July, 2011. The journey so far has been an adventurous one for everyone associated with IBM Informix.

So what has changed during these past 10 years?

The answer is, A LOT! Here are some of the highlights:

  • IBM Informix has had more than 10 major product announcements in the past ten years
  • Introduced more than 500 cutting edge features into the product
  • And in the past year alone, our partners were able to deliver over 50 new Informix-based solutions into the market

And what has NOT changed in the past 10 years?

The core of Informix:

  • The ability to consistently churn out innovative and efficient offerings, allowing customers to do more while spending less
  • The performance, reliability, and ease of administration you have become accustomed to
  • The ability to build lasting relationship with partners and customers in every engagement

What’s in store for the next decade?

The next decade of Informix at IBM has already begun, and Informix 11.7 is at the heart of this journey, which is powering online transaction processing and decision support applications for organizations of all sizes, helping them deliver Smarter solutions.

Applications for a Smarter Planet will have tremendous relevance in the coming decade and IBM Informix’s role in the making of a smarter planet is very crucial, thanks to Informix’s capability of handling a variety of special data types such as spatial, geodedic and timeseries data which are key to enabling a smarter application. These data types enable smarter applications like Smarter Traffic systems, land management systems, and energy solutions. In fact Informix is shown to be superior to other data management solutions in handing timeseries data in terms of performance and storage savings.

Keeping in mind the next decade for Informix, I am delighted to direct you to a video titled “The Next decade of IBM Informix has begun”

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I really hope that you enjoy the video.

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Dear Friends,

This is my first Blog and I am really excited to talk about IBM Informix and an amazing video I saw recently about how critical Informix is, in building a Smarter Planet.

IBM Informix is voted #1 in customer satisfaction and chosen by clients because of its reliability, low cost, its ability to be completely hassle free and best-of-breed embeddability. And last but not least, what strikes me most about Informix is the amount of undivided Love and Dedication each Informix user has for the product, in one word – its Unbelievable.

Keeping in mind the immense capabilities of Informix, it is not a surprise that over the last decade, innovations have pushed Informix technology beyond its competitors, and IBM continues to provide solutions that deliver real business results.

Some of those recent innovations include:

  • IBM Informix TimeSeries it easy to store and work with data that is accessed by sequence in time
  • IBM Informix Genero is accelerating a new generation of mobile and cloud based applications and
  • IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition helps speed decisions by accelerating warehouse queries

Now coming to the video I saw recently, titled IBM Informix users build a Smarter Planet every day, is a testimony to the superior and versatile capabilities of Informix. The video clearly narrates how IBM Informix users build a smarter planet everyday by pushing the boundaries of data management.

There are some references drawn in this video highlighting how IBM Informix is playing a critical role in building a Smarter Planet :

  • Cable and wireless world-wide and IBM are using an Informix TimeSeries solution at the core of the ground breaking UK Smart energy cloud
  • DHL Express Mexico is using Informix software to give customers deep insights into shipments and help increase efficiencies
  • Bank of China is using it to make more timely and accurate decisions while including compliance

This video is truly inspiring, and to know that IBM Informix is playing a crucial role in the making of a Smarter Planet is even more relishing. To see the complete video and get Inspired, please visit the Link –

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